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Dethatching Services

Dethatching is the methods of removing thatch build up from just above the soil of the lawn to allow sunlight, moisture, oxygen and fertilizers reach the grass shoots and the soil. Thatch build up is un-decomposed dead grass stems and roots together with other debris above the soil creating a barrier that reduces the rate of absorption of many nutrients. Thatch can also encourage disease and harbor insects. While thatch is a normal process for lawns, extreme build up is a common problem and can easily be detected by the professionals at LawnCrafters of Mankato.

We use two methods for removing thatch build up and usually do it in the early spring:

  1. Mower mounted tine rake dethatcher (most common): We mount a tine rake dethatcher on the front our mowers and the rake tines pick and pull out the majority of thatch.  At the same time, the debris is vacuumed into a bagger removed and hauled to a proper composing sight. Because the blades of the mower need to be engaged for this process, you receive an added benefit of a freshly cut lawn. This is the least expensive and least invasive option.
  2. Rotary operated dethatcher – This is a very invasive option of correcting a thatch problem. This option should only be used if there is a SEVERE buildup of thatch, usually in excess of 1.5 inches. Several metal blades spin vertically cutting into the top ½ inch of soil then pulling up all of the thatch. A mower is then used to vacuum up the debris.




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