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Fertilization and Weed Control

LawnCrafters is the friendliest and most dependable lawn service in the greater Mankato Minnesota area!

LawnCrafters takes a lot of pride in our division of lawn fertilization. We use only the highest quality products and cutting-edge equipment when making all applications. All of our applications are made by applicators certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture(MDA). We comply with the 2002 phosphorous ban for lawns in Minnesota. All chemicals herbicides are applied exactly as directed by the manufactures label.


Our regular program consists of five applications

This division was originally started due to poor customer service of our competition (especially the large companies) and cheap products they were using on the lawns we mowed in, and around Mankato. We only use name-brand quality products and cut no corners when making applications to your lawn. Your lawn will be treated as if it was our own, and because we are a full service lawn care company, we offer all the services your lawn may require to look its best.

We use only granular fertilizer for all of our fertilizer applications. All granular fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer with nitrogen and potash as well as other micronutrients to feed your lawn all season long. Weed control applications for the control of  broadleaf weeds are done with selective liquid herbicides that kill targeted weeds without harming the grass. You can be assured your lawn will looks it’s all year long.


We use only the highest quality products

Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control – Our regular program consists of five applications including four slow-release granular fertilizer applications and one liquid broadleaf weed control application. This program can be changed depending on the wants and needs of you and your lawn in order to make it looks its best.



Fertilization and Weed Control Application Program


  1. Early Spring Application: This is the first application of the year. We  target this application for just before the soil temps get above 55⁰ F, the point at which a weed seed will geminate. This application has a pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide infused into the granular fertilizer to stop the growth of crabgrass and feed your lawn at the same time.
  2. Spring Application: The second application consists of spraying a selective herbicide over the entire lawn to control broadleaf weeds. The products we use will  kill all common weeds in Minnesota, and some that are not so common. All weeds should start to turn brown, wilt, and die in 7 to 10 days.  Again, all liquid herbicide are applied following the manufactures specifications.
  3. Early Summer Application: The third application is a granular slow-release fertilizer nitrogen, potash, and other micro nutrients such as iron, to provide steady food for your lawn. A spot treatment of any broadleaf weeds will be done at this time as well.
  4. Late Summer Application: In late summer the lawn starts a second rapid growth period. We use another application of granular fertilizer to give your lawn what it needs during this time.
  5. Fall Application: The final application of the year is probably the most important for your lawn. Before our harsh Minnesota winters, your lawn prepares itself by storing nutrients in it root system. At this time we apply a granular fertilizer that is high in potash to assure that the roots of your lawn have what they need to survive the winter and thrive in the spring.



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