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Weed Control & Maintenance Service

When you choose LawnCrafters as your professional partner that your home will look great with a lush, green, weed-free lawn. You’ll take pride in knowing that your lawn is cared for by the best in the Mankato Area! And you’ll have more time to enjoy your friends and family by allowing us to treat your lawn.


We only use high quality liquid herbicides.

At LawnCrafters, we use strictly quality brand-name liquid herbicides for the control of various broadleaf weeds including, but not limited to dandelion, creeping charlie, clover,  thistle, foxtail, burdock, spurge, poison ivy, and many more. Your lawn will be weed  free in no time.

LawnCrafters also offers you the option of weed control in your rock and perennial gardens. Ask us how we can help.


LawnCrafters treats your lawn right.

There is a vast array of choices when it comes to deciding who you want to take care of your lawn. Lawn care companies are far from being “all the same.” With LawnCrafters, you’ll have the assurance that your lawn will be treated right, with quality materials, by local, Mankato-area professionals who truly care about you and your lawn. We’re not satisfied until you are and we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to please you so that you’ll join the ranks of hundreds of happy customers!



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